Monday, October 15, 2012

Pictures: pink lake in Senegal heritage 30-year-old human

Pictures: pink lake in Senegal heritage 30-year-old human

Five kilometers from the Senegalese capital Dakar, there is a lake to pink in a normal summer and in winter, the lake has turned pink salt mine due to high salinity. Has separated Lake Dakar known as the lake rose, the Atlantic Ocean more than three decades and has become one of the major tourist attractions Senegalese most famous. And the length of the lake is five kilometers and display eight hundred meters to a depth of three meters, half the lake water and the other half of the salt. Known in Senegal and also globally pink lake due to the presence of algae to color reacts with sunlight to become rosy, however sunset lake's water back to their natural color. He says Dudu Ngai researcher in the history of the lake that color the lake pink due to the presence of algae and parasites lake in the absence of oxygen and their interaction with the sun and wind, and the more sunlight strong and wind speed large tends color lake quickly to pink turning the lake into a painting and pink. And changes color lake with the change of seasons also in winter turns the lake water to the natural color but has a salinity is high, up to about half kilogram in liter, and by the high salinity turned lake to mine extracted from annually about twenty-five thousand tons of salt. Although traditional salt extraction method, the lake is a source of livelihood for thousands of Senegalese, though hard work requires considerable effort and patience, all at six dollars a day, in the event was a great crop salt extracted, according to workers at extracting salt from the lake. He says Camara that work in the lake requires a lot of time, and when we met middle of the lake told me that he had spent six hours until then is in the water and feel tired and hungry and cold, and crop salt was a little too and worth the material does not exceed three dollars. , Issued the majority of salt extracted from the lake to the outside Senegal towards the neighboring African countries and some European countries, and from outside the country also pink lake attracts a lot of tourists and turned into a tourist resort par excellence but not in the summer. Vmnzer extract salt tempt tourists ride boats and touring center of the lake, even above the water is pink and says Hameed, a tourist from Tunisia to the BBC that his visit to the lake enjoyable though its waters is rosy at this time, and confirmed that he enjoyed inspect the process of extracting salt from the lake, which scenes non-existent in Tunisia and in some Arab countries, he says. Lake has become a double source of livelihood, interior graciously salt on the region's population and seemingly tempt tourists, and that is what has prompted the United Nations to be classified within the human heritage.

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